SC Virtual Tag Return

SC Virtual Tag Return

Do you like standing in line at the South Carolina DMV? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a SC virtual tag return system? In an effort to

SC Virtual Tag Return

SC Virtual Tag Return

reduce the amount of visits you must make to the SC DMV, a tag can now be turned in online. Follow the link below. The tag can be turned in online, virtually, without turning the actual tag in. You can keep the tag or dispose of it accordingly. Save time by doing a SC virtual tag return.

In South Carolina, you can now surrender your license plate online.  You do not need to physically turn in your old license plate when using this option, but you are encouraged to recycle the license plate once you complete the online turn in.


South Carolina DMV Online Tag Return


Other helpful DMV Tag Info:

Sold My Vehicle

If you’re turning in your license plate because you sold your vehicle, you must do all of the following:

If your license plate is expired, you do not need to return your license plate. Only active license plates can be returned.

Moving to a New State

If you’re moving to a new state, you must first update your vehicle insurance company and then return your license plate once you register your vehicle in your new state.

You may return your plate to the address above or in person to any SCDMV branch.


Replace A Lost, Stolen, or Damaged License Plate

You may replace your lost, stolen, or damaged license plate with the same plate type below.

SC DMV Website – Replace a Tag


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