Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance can do some pretty amazing things. It can buy loved ones time to grieve and pay off debts.  It can keep families in their homes and prefund a child’s college education, but there is one catch………….  You need to own it!!


  • Term life insurance provides you protection for a specific price over a specified period of time: usually 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.
    Term Insurance

    How much life insurance do I need?

  • Coverage expires without value at the end of the term.
  • To continue with coverage you will need to either convert your policy to a permanent life insurance plan or purchase a new policy.
  • Term life insurance pays out a specified lump sum to a beneficiary only in the event that you die before the policy expires.
  • Term life insurance is less expensive than permanent live insurance due to the drawback of having an expiration date.

Different types of term life insurance are available for you. Let us modify a plan to fit your needs.  We can provide you the maximum amount of protection for the least amount of premium.

  • Annual Renewable Term:  The death benefit is a level amount and will remain the same for the term period. This policy can automatically be renewed.  And you don’t have to provide evidence of good health each year. The premiums may however increase each year with age.
  • Level Term:  The death benefit is a level amount and will remain the same for the term period. Level term policies are usually purchased for a period of 10, 20, or 30 years.  The premium generally remains stable over the entire period.
  • Decreasing Term:  The premiums remain level over a specific term.  However, the amount of death benefit protection decreases throughout the term. Decreasing term insurance is best for you if you have a loan that decreases over time such as a mortgage or a loan.

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30 Year Term Life Insurance with Fixed (Guaranteed) Monthly Premiums*


                                      Preferred                                           Preferred

                               Non Tobacco                                          Tobacco

                                     AGE                                                        AGE

                          25      35        45       50                        25     35      45      50            



$100,000         18         16         31        83                    28     42        88      123

$150,000         23         22        22       121                    41      59       138     184

$200,000        27         28         58      156                    52      77        169     244

$250,000        26         27         68      166                    59     83        198     290

$300,000        29        30         76       186                    72      98       235     332

$400,000        36         39         91       247                   92     125       305    461

$500,000        42         46         110     302                   110    155      386    580

$750,000        62         66         162     449                   164    221      534     871

$1,000,000     78        86        203      580                   214    291      728    1,140

Higher Limits Available

*Monthly mortgage protection premium amounts are estimated.  The quotes above are the average monthly premium taken from over 30 (A and A+ rated) life insurance companies we represent.  Annual premiums are available.  Some applicants may need a minor medical exam to qualify for coverage.  The exam can be completed in your home by a nurse appointed by and paid for by the insurance company.  The first monthly premium is collected after the policy is issued.  It takes 30 to 45 days for the application to go through underwriting before the policy is issued. 


 How much life insurance is enough?

Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance


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