Jewelry Insurance Coverage

Jewelry Insurance Coverage

  A ring from a loved one. A bracelet handed down through generations. A watch or necklace marking a special occasion. Every reason why you treasure a piece of fine jewelry is a reason why it should be insured. However, calling it “jewelry insurance” may be a stretch. You don’t need a separate policy to […]

Road Rage

Road Rage

      Road Rage on South Carolina Roads? Not With These 5 Tips  Good manners when you’re behind the wheel in South Carolina – not everyone has them. But, that doesn’t mean you have to get caught up in the rush and the fury. Instead, use these tips to help keep road rage incidents […]

What Car Drivers Need To Know About Motorcycles

  Summer is here, which means you’ll likely see more motorcycles on the road. And the key word here is “see.” People driving cars and trucks often fail to notice the motorcyclists around them, partly because they’re not accustomed to looking for them. It’s obvious yet bears repeating: Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than car […]

Ride Sharing Know How

Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is more like taking a taxi than what it sounds like involving carpooling to work with a coworker, hitching a ride to an event with a neighbor, or getting a lift to the store from a friend. It typically involves a company that connects riders with drivers who make them selves available. Ride […]

Update Your Home on a Budget

Update a Home without emptying the Wallet

  Quick, easy, inexpensive – whoever thought those adjectives could apply to home improvement projects in Spartanburg? But, they can! Update Your Home on A Budget To spruce up your home on a budget, check out these five ideas for projects that yield maximum results with minimal effort and cost: Paint: All you need is […]

Going Camping? Keep Your High-Tech Gear Safe

Going Camping

    First things first: Do you really need to bring your tablet or laptop on your camping trip in the Upstate of South Carolina? Are you really going to watch a movie instead of looking at the stars? Check your email instead of roasting marshmallows? Work instead of play? Well, OK. We can’t stop […]

Millennial Insurance Tips

Millennial Insurance Tips

Millennial Insurance Tips You keep your car filled up with gas so you don’t get stranded on the side of the road. And, your phone charged so your loved ones can reach you. But, what kind of safety measures do you have in place for more extreme scenarios? What if you lost everything you owned […]

Questions You Should Ask Before Signing A Lease

Questions You Should Ask Before Leasing

    Moving into a new rental property is such an exciting process! Sure, it’s also super time-consuming and can be pretty demanding, but finally settling in can bring so much joy.  Does your lease outline understandable guidelines and doesn’t have any weird rules or vague statements releasing the complex from responsibility. Before signing a […]

Am I covered when I borrow my friend’s car?

  Most people have an idea of what’s covered and not covered under their various insurance policies. But at Select Source Insurance, we get a lot of questions about borrowing or loaning a car.   Am I covered?  What are some of the reason’s you may loan your vehicle to a friend or borrow someone […]

How Cars Get Stolen

How Cars Get Stolen

      Most people would say their car is one of the most valuable assets they own — if not the most valuable. Despite that, however, some people make it downright easy for thieves to drive off in their pride and joy.  How Cars Get Stolen At Select Source Insurance, we don’t want you walking out […]