5 Tips to Plan the Best RV Route

5 tips to plan the best RV route

It’s summer – prime RV season in the upstate of South Carolina. But, even if you know where you want to go, do you know how to get there?   After all, driving an RV is a little different than simply hopping in your car, so we here at Select Source Insurance  put together some tips […]

5 Dos and Don’ts of Flying a Drone


  Drones are exploding in popularity in Spartanburg, and so are the news stories about someone flying too close to a commercial aircraft or shooting down a drone. These are real incidents, but with these five dos and don’ts of drone operation, you don’t have to experience one. Drone end up on the 5 O’Clock […]

What to Know Before You Go Solar

Solar Panels

            Solar panels can be economically and environmentally sound, and they’re more accessible than ever. According to one research firm, U.S. homes and businesses installed a new system every four minutes in 2013. What To Know Before You Go Solar But, is solar power right for you here in Spartanburg? […]

Buying A Used Motorcycle


  Whether you’ve been riding all your life or are looking to purchase your first bike, buying a used motorcycle can be pretty challenging. What make do I want? What’s my budget? Where should I look? Even if you think you know what you’re looking for, finding a used bike that meets your criteria is […]

What The Lingo Means: First Time Home Buyer

Tips For Buying Your First Home

A first time home buyer can have a great experience by understanding all the lingo.  The market in the Upstate of South Carolina is bursting at the seams with young dreamers hoping to make their first home purchase.  Renters all over the country are looking to buy, but are instead experiencing the stony truth of […]

A First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer

    If you are a first time home buyer, it’s important to know the lingo! No matter what stage you’re at in the home-buying process, the terms defined below will help as you learn how to make an offer you’re comfortable with and that the sellers will love. A real estate agent will reference […]

Roof Hail Damage

How to identify roof hail damage

Roof Hail Damage | Select Source Insurance Are you aware that during a hail storm more than just your vehicles are potentially vulnerable to damage and future repairs? When hail hits, it can damage the roof or covering of your home as well as other personal property. Although hailstorms can be destructive, the amount of […]

Lightning Facts

Lightning Facts and Fallacies

Lightning Facts and Fallacies The next time you see or hear a thunderstorm in Spartanburg, SC you might want to take a moment to review what you know about lightning safety. Strikes are most common during the summer thunderstorm season, but they can happen at any time of the year. And, a lot of less-than-accurate […]

Important Things To Know About Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher

3 Important Things to Know About Fire Extinguishers Whether your Spartanburg SC home is a three-story Tudor, a skyline-grazing apartment or an RV on wheels, you need at least one fire extinguisher for it. But if you don’t have the right one, or you haven’t checked it recently, you may have a false sense of […]

Auto Insurance FAQ

Auto Insurance FAQ provided by Select Source Insurance Spartanburg SC General Q: What kinds of questions are there when I’m applying for an insurance policy in South Carolina? Why do insurers need so much information?  A: When you apply for an insurance policy at Select Source Insurance you will be asked a number of questions. For example, we might ask your name, […]