Common Insurance Questions

Common Insurance Questions

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What Questions Do You Have About Auto 

Insurance Boiling Springs SC?

Common Insurance Questions Answered

Can my friend drive my car and will I be covered?

I want to be an Uber driver. What should I know

If I lease a car do I need extra insurance?

If something is stolen from my car, does my car insurance cover it?

Do I need extra insurance when I rent a car?

When delivering pizza, do I need extra insurance coverage?

When does it make sense for my children to get their own insurance?

What are the benefits of getting above state minimum limits?

Reviewing and/or renewing your auto insurance policy?  Select Source Insurance can help you.  Here are some common insurance questions to consider:

  • Do any of your vehicle(s) have an anti-theft device?
  • Are you taking advantage of UBI discounts?
  • Do you have children at or nearing driving age?
  • Has your car loan been recently paid off?
  • Are you considering buying or leasing a new vehicle?
  • Has your daily commute changed? By how much?
  • Has your health insurance plan changed recently?
  • Does your auto policy list all drivers?
  • Do you have any other policies that are not currently insured with the same company?
  • Do you have young drivers on your policy who have a strong A/B average?
  • Do you have young drivers on your policy who have completed a driver-training course?

Select Source Insurance Boiling Springs SC offers many different companies and plans.  Let us do the rate and coverage comparison for you. Are your common insurance questions answered?

Every person is unique.  Take advantage of  our many discounts.

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