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Why get only 1 car insurance quote from an agent who represents only 1 company?

At Select Source Insurance we provide many quotes 

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These companies provide you with the best rates and coverage. 

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Have you tried to get a self serve quote only to have the final rate go way up?

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  • Go from zero to having an ID card in hand in minutes. Call or email us for a car insurance quote. We will acquire many quotes from many companies.  We offer many
    Car Insurance Quote Boiling Springs

    Car Insurance Boiling Springs

    different types of discounts.  Monthly, Semi Annual and Annual Pay Plans available.  Paid in full discounts available.  Pay with automatic payments, or online, or on the phone, or by mail.  We can provide service online, over the phone or in person for auto insurance in Boiling Springs / Spartanburg.  We provide proof of insurance immediately upon policy issue.  We have very competitive youthful driver rates.  We live right here in the upstate and know the coverage you need.  Select Source Insurance is locally owned and operated from downtown Spartanburg. If you’d like to receive a car insurance Boiling Springs SC quote click the auto quote link on the right. Provide us with some basic information.

What are clients are saying about us and why they remain our customers:

John D.   5 STARS    2 Days Ago-5 Stars
Megan T.   5 STARS    4 Days Ago-5 Stars

Doug Stockman is a wonderful agent and is very personable! Provided many car insurance quotes! Highly recommend! 

5 StarsDiana T.   5 STARS    1 Week Ago-
Doug Stockman at Select Source has been the absolute best insurance agent I have ever dealt with. He has always made sure we were getting the best car insurance quote for our coverage and always very responsive to any questions or concerns I have ever had. They truly take care of their customers.
5 Stars
Ray F.  5 STARS   10 Days Ago-
Doug sure does know to explain in detail about the policies that he sales. He answered all my questions.
5 Stars
Logan M.   5 STARS   2 Weeks Ago-
Professionalism, Responsiveness!!

Auto Insurance Boiling Springs SC

Quote Questions

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Insurance laws require a certain level of insurance. It protects you and others for loss or damage to your car or home.

How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost?

The amount that your insurance will cost depends on a variety of factors.  The main factors are type of car, driving and claim history, and age.

Auto Insurance Bundles

We can bundle your car insurance and home insurance to save on cost.

As an independent insurance agency, Select Source Insurance we represent many preferred, national companies.  Why get a quote from an agent who only represents one company? In the future if your car insurance Boiling Springs SC needs change we can switch you to another insurance company. We compare every optimal auto insurance quote. We want to find the car insurance Boiling Springs SC coverage and value that’s right for you.

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Car Insurance Boiling Springs

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We’re your local agents –real, live members of the Boiling Springs / Spartanburg community. We serve Boiling Springs, Inman, Lyman, Duncan, Moore, Roebuck, Wellford,Chesnee, Cowpens, and Union.

We know how to get you the right auto insurance quote for your vehicle(s) and maximize discounts. Whatever your auto insurance needs are we can help. Our team can help you find the right auto insurance policy. So many companies try to lure you with low insurance rates. Low rates are important, however so is having the optimal coverage for the rate. Many companies advertise they can save you several hundred’s of dollars on your rate. Again, that is important, however here at Select Source Insurance Boiling Springs we want to help you save thousands by having the right coverage and protecting your assets.

Please take a moment and fill out the Secure Quick Quote Form to the right – nothing is required, share only what you like. Our team will contact you directly within 4 hours on business days to help you find the right insurance at the right price.  If you need immediate service during business hours please call us at 864-585-8318 x2.

What Questions Do You Have About Auto

Insurance Boiling Springs SC?

  • Can my friend drive my car and will I be covered?
  • I want to be an Uber driver. What should I know
  • If I lease a car do I need extra insurance?
  • If something is stolen from my car, does my car insurance cover it?
  • Do I need extra insurance when I rent a car?
  • When delivering pizza, do I need extra insurance coverage?
  • When does it make sense for my children to get their own insurance?
  • What are the benefits of getting above state minimum limits?

Reviewing and/or renewing your auto insurance policy?  Select Source Insurance can help you.  Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do any of your vehicle(s) have an anti-theft device?

    Boiling Springs Competitive Auto Insurance Quotes

  • Are you taking advantage of UBI discounts?
  • Do you have children at or nearing driving age?
  • Has your car loan been recently paid off?
  • Are you considering buying or leasing a new vehicle?
  • Has your daily commute changed? By how much?
  • Has your health insurance plan changed recently?
  • Does your auto policy list all drivers?
  • Do you have any other policies that are not currently insured with the same company?
  • Do you have young drivers on your policy who have a strong A/B average?
  • Do you have young drivers on your policy who have completed a driver-training course?

Select Source Insurance Boiling Springs SC offers many different companies and plans.  Let us do the rate and coverage comparison for you.

Every person is unique.  Take advantage of  our many discounts.

Get an online car insurance quote today.

Select Source Insurance 

can get the best price and value for you.

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A Car Insurance Boiling Springs SC Review by Select Source has-

  • Quote My Car Insurance

    Quote My Car Insurance

    Many options for coverage, limits and deductible choices. Because everyone is different car insurance Boiling Springs SC can be personalized. Repair or replacement collision coverage is an option.  If your car is totaled, do you have the right coverage to replace your car? With the right coverage, if the car is new, they will replace it with a new car of like kind if you select the auto insurance Boiling Springs SC coverage.

  • Auto loan and lease protection option available to close the loan/lease gap. With loan/lease gap insurance if you car loan to car value is upside down we offer to pay off the loan.  After all, being in an accident is stressful enough.  The choice is yours for car insurance Boiling Springs SC.
  • Extra options are available to cover your personal concerns. Coverage like rental cars and for towing and labor costs are also available. It’s personal service.
  • Guaranteed lifetime repairs if you choose to have your repairs performed by an approved auto shop. We stand behind the work. It’s just one more way we have you covered.


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Select Source Insurance knows that car insurance Boiling Springs there are many unique insurance needs.

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