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Car Insurance Quote So The Story Goes

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So the story goes….two guys from Spartanburg or as some know it Hub City, decided there must be a better way for upstate folks to get coverage for their cars and homes. They tried to get coverage on their cars and homes and became frustrated with all the phone calls they had to make, all the soliciting calls, websites, junk mail, forms, quotes, emails and other gimmicks just to get a few quotes to compare. By the time these two guys went through all the headache of dealing with someone from places like Minnesota who know nothing about how we do things here in the south, they were ready to give up on quotes. What do those people (from who knows where) know about things like sweet tea, Boiling Springs, hush puppies, getting’ gussied up, and grits? After all, they just wanted to save some money and make sure they had the right plan. 

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So, these guys opened a company right here in Hub City that allows everyone in the upstate to make 1 call, or send 1 email, or submit 1 online application or 1 office visit. They do the rest by quoting with several leading national companies. Oh, yeah, and in a few years to make sure you have the best rate these two guys can quote it again for you with other companies. You don’t have to go through the headache of getting quotes by yourself again. Select Source is a company you can know, like and trust.